Monday, 21 January 2013

Erik & Rachel Engagement | Southern Manitoba Photographer

Erik & Rachel were such a fun couple to have in front of my lens :) 
As you will probably be able to tell by the pictures they like to have fun together, which makes you job fun! So all in all it was FUN. Did I mention it was fun?!? :)

Oh and not only was it FUN it was C-O-L-D, very cold...
but because they are so awesome you can't even tell how cold it was in there pictures :) 


Ain't they so cute together?


Rachel you are STUNNING!

 My Hubby ever so kindly made a path through the DEEP
 snow for us to walk through :)

Cool or what? 

 Haha, trying to light the sparklers...

It was to bright outside for the sparklers to be very visable so 
they decided to blow at each other instead :)

 Next came the silly string...
but once again it didn't work very well cause it was COLLLLLDDD!! :) But it still was fun :)

Rachel couldn't get any on Erik so he kindly helped her :)

Congrats on your engagement you guys! :)


  1. Congratulations!!! Love all the pics and the beautiful snow :)

  2. Great Pictures Megan! What troopers I got cold just looking at them! Brought back some great memories of a photo shoot I and a friend (Jen) of mine took of her siter and her boyfriend (husband now) it was in January too!

    Love ya,

  3. Awwwww they are so stinkin' cute! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  4. Great pictures Megan!! I really like all the different poses!!

  5. Megan you are amazing!! Thank you again for doing this with and for us :)

  6. Hey it might be cause I am a big fan of you and the couple, but these are GREAT!!!! Love Sarah martens

  7. Blurrry pictures, once again.
    Maybe you could try fliker or photobucket so blogger picture upload doesn't didsort your picture quality

    1. Thanks Anonymous, They don't appear to be blurry on my computer so I think I am just going to keep uploading them the way that I am, Maybe if you click on them they won't look so blurry :)