Friday, 12 October 2012

Kerri {Grad} | Southern Manitoba Photographer

 I had a blast with my lil sis yesterday :)
After about 2 years of me bagging her to let me do a photo shoot of her she finally let me!! Well she really had no choice, because she graduated this year and the definitely called for a photo shoot :)

Kerri is such a sweet gal...and VERY BEAUTIFUL!!



Jaden and Brooke tagged along well we took pictures..
they were such good little troopers cause it was COLD!:)

 Jaden decided to borrowed Kerri's sweater :)  

I told kerri to give me a creative pose....
and this is what she came up with :)

I love this girl and am so blessed to have her as a sister.
She told me that she is good for another 5 years before she needs another photo shoot...oh dear, better start working on her now! :)


  1. Wow!! :) Graduating Middle School really is a time for a photoshoot! Good pics!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them ALL!!!!
    You did an amazing job Megs!!!

  3. Oh wow. Kerri is like, super graceful and photogenic. Pretty pretty! :D I love your composition. :)

  4. Beautiful, simply beautiful!!! Amazing job!

  5. WoW way to go Megan and Kerri what a great team ya'll are! Let her take your picture more often Kerri you are such a sweet girl!

    HuGs to you both,