Thursday, 15 March 2012

Our Wedding

On March 3 2012 I married my Best Friend.
 It's almost been 2 weeks, hard to believe!
 Other then one of the groomsmen not being able to show up our wedding day was perfect, everything went very smoothly
I have a lot of gratitude to mine and Henry's family for helping making our day special, I know I would have not been able to do it without them.

Getting Ready
Kerri and I getting ready.
My dress

Zipping up
My Crazy handsome man getting ready.
Getting EXCITED!

Jen and I

Me and my CUTE flower girls

Henry and his Parents
My Best Friends/sisters and I

It's time!

Our First Kiss :)
 We are Married!!! :)

Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Megan Froese..

My family

 Henry's Family

All Siblings from both sides.

The bridal  party

Heheh :)

The Head Table

Center pieces 

Yummy Food

The Cake Henry's Sister made.
Isn't it amazing?

 Right after the ceremony we ran out and took a bunch of pictures...

I love this man so much!
He makes me one HAPPY girl! :)


  1. Aww! you guys are soooo cute! Congrats!
    Who took your pictures?

  2. I"m so happy for you Megan!!!!! Y'all are so cute together! I love the converse! Cute idea!

    -Maddy H.

  3. Thanks Gals.
    KayleeBeth~ My Auntie and a friend from our church took them

  4. I just had to look at your pictures again, they are super cute and bring back many happy memories of that day!! I miss you Meggy, can't wait for Saturday!!!!

    Love Becs

  5. So lovely! Love the colors you chose. Congratulations :)

  6. What a beautiful day! I just pinned your cake to my pinbaord and had almost 50 repins in 2 minute!!

  7. Nice Pictures Megan! So wish I could have been there, Love the blog header:)


  8. Great to see more pics of the wedding. You look beautiful and so happy! :0)