Monday, 26 March 2012

Mikaya Anne | Southern Manitoba Photographer

 I love my little sister, Mikaya was so sweet to come out in the freezing cold for a few mins. yesterday so I could snap a few pic's of her :)

I do believe I have got the cuties sister.... :)


  1. They look great Megs! You sure got some great shots in those few short min.! :)
    Love you!
    Your big sis

  2. Aww! super cute!

  3. I know she's clod, but she looks cute:) Is that in your yard? The backgrounds makes me think so:) Hope to come up and see you guys soon! Tell Henry I want my room painted yellow:) Kidding love you girl!


  4. Mands- No that was at Gramps and Grams Pauls
    We could paint it yellow and gray...our wedding colors :) Hehe, We don't live that far away so anytime you want you can come for a visit :)

    Love you muches!